Security grilles: making it stick

At Cross-Guard, we offer a broad range of security grilles to suit all purposes and applications. These security grilles include: CX1, CX2, Extendor Elite, Extendor Vulcan and Extendor Eclipse. Recently, we’ve introduced new branded stickers onto all these products with the latest certification references on (if the product is certified) to give clients additional reassurance and peace of mind with regard to product quality. The header image gives you a sneak peek at these stickers, which adhere to our current brand.

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Our CX1 offers affordable security to the domestic and commercial markets and is especially a popular choice for home security where budget is restricted. This product is not certified, but it does offer a strong physical barrier and deterrent to stop thieves in their tracks. Find out more by checking out our CX1 page.


The CX2 is our best-seller, rated to LPCB security rating 1. A versatile and strong security grille, it’s also popular in both domestic and commercial markets. A range of options are available to colour co-ordinate the grille and to implement a security grille track that won’t cause a tripping hazard in shop doorways. Visit the dedicated CX2 page for more information.

Extendor Elite

The Extendor Elite is part of Cross-Guard’s global leading Extendor range – premium security grilles that are the strongest available, used for buildings requiring the highest levels of security such as in the government sector. The Elite security grille is a popular choice for security of upper-level entrance points as it’s more cost-effective, while the Vulcan and Eclipse are chosen to secure lower access ways. Click for more info about the Extendor Elite.

Extendor Vulcan

The Extendor Vulcan security grille is the second most secure grille of the Extendor range – rated to LPCB security rating 2 for proven attack resistance. All the Extendor grilles work well with one another, as they look identical, so can be mixed and matched for the most effective security bespoke to the client. Check out the Extendor Vulcan page for details.

Extendor Eclipse

The strongest security grille in the world, rated to LPCB security rating level 3, the Extendor Eclipse is anti-theft and anti-terror. It offers unprecedented levels of security for building access points and will help protect the most sensitive valuables. Find out more by visiting the Extendor Eclipse page.


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