Security Bars

Cross-Guard’s security bars (also known as jail bars and anti-burglar bars)
jail bar

Security bars, also commonly referred to as anti-burglar bars and jail bars, are 20mm solid steel round bars used for security, which rotate 360 degrees. The anti-burglar bars are secured in a 38mm x 38mm box section, and a mid-bar is supplied with openings over 1000mm.

Although security bars can be used for a variety of openings, they are most popular for window security, due to their static nature. Security bars are popular in both domestic and commercial markets requiring maximum protection where LPCB certification is not required. The secure jail bars do not retract. Anti-burglar bars can work well for the security of portacabins and lavatory windows.


Burglar bars for windows / window security bars

Window security bars are commonly installed in storeroom and restroom windows. Cross-Guard’s window security bars provide a static barrier and visual deterrent to stop potential thieves and intruders in their tracks. Window security bars increase required attack time to break into a property as the secure bars have proven hacksaw resistance. The anti-burglar bars rotate to make it difficult for tools to gain grip and traction.


Security grille features

  • Easy reference fitting instructions
  • Reveal or face fitted
  • Rotating bars
  • Horizontal or vertical arrangement
  • Polyester powder coating, no welded parts
  • No moving parts
  • Available in a range of colours*

*Standard colour is Traffic White (RAL 9016), additional colours will involve a premium


Security grille benefits

  • Straightforward fitting
  • Flexible installation
  • Additional security against hacksaws
  • Tailored to your needs
  • Helps prevent rust
  • Simple, effective deterrent
  • Blends with existing décor

Protect a variety of access points with security bars


How anti-burglar bars can help secure your property

Where a static security solution is required, burglar bars for windows deliver proven protection against theft. The secure bars act as an excellent visual deterrent due to the robust, high-security appearance, commonly associated with bars used in prisons and jails. It’s a known fact that homes and businesses are statistically more likely to be targeted by a burglar if they have no security measures in place. Security bars give windows that extra reinforcement so you can focus on your daily activities without the worry of theft.

Fitting of burglar bars: face fixed or reveal fixed

Security bars can be installed with either vertical or horizontal alignment, depending on preference. You can have the secure burglar bars fitted either as reveal fixed or face fixed. For reveal fitted anti-burglar bars, you’ll be supplied with bolt shields for the top and bottom boxes with universal brackets for the ends of the middle boxes. If you’d like face fitted anti-burglar bars, the secure bars will be supplied with bolt shields for top, bottom and middle boxes.


Security bar components

Security bars are constructed from 20mm solid steel, held in place within a 38mm x 38mm x 2mm steel box frame. Installation is straightforward with fixing holes pre-drilled into the box section. Cover caps (also known as bungs) are supplied with the security bars to ensure a sleek and professional finish.


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