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Cross-Guard’s market-leading Extendor Eclipse security grille (certified security grille)


What are Extendor Eclipse security grilles?

extendor eclipse

As the only retractable security grille on the market to be manufactured to LPS 1175 SR3 by the LPCB, the Extendor Eclipse security grille is the strongest and more robust security grille available worldwide. The Eclipse security grille is also manufactured to Secured by Design standards as a Police Preferred specification. No attempt to breach the Extendor Eclipse security grille has been successful – it delivers proven protection for anti-theft and anti-terror.

Eclipse retractable security grilles have uncompromised resistance against hacksaws, bolt cutters, electric drills and many additional attack tools. As Cross-Guard’s highest strength security grille, the Extendor Eclipse is suitable for the protection of even the most vulnerable and high-risk premises, securing doorways, windows and other building openings and access points.

Given the unrivalled strength of Extendor Eclipse security grilles, these retractable security grilles are the recognised choice and industry standard for high-security environments like government and embassy buildings. Extendor Eclipse security grilles are most popular for installation on lower floor windows where there is higher risk involved, since 81% of burglaries involve the intruder gaining access from ground floor level.

The Eclipse security grille’s robust, sturdy design delivers a strong visual deterrent, while the security grille also provides a powerful, heavy-duty physical barrier for leading protection of your premises. For those with restricted budget, the Extendor Eclipse security grille can be combined with other Extendor security grille models Elite and Vulcan (Eclipse grilles securing lower floors, and Elite or Vulcan grilles securing upper floors), reducing overall cost.

A core advantage of Extendor security grilles is the uniform appearance of the retractable grilles. If you’d prefer a different level of certified security for the lower floors of your building compared to upper floors, you can purchase different Extendor security grilles while keeping the same uniform design and appearance. Extendor Eclipse security grilles have a straight, hardened steel lattice/link design like the other Extendor security grilles.

Extendor Eclipse security grilles are manufactured to suit you, available as fixed or retractable grilles, and in a range of colours and sizes. The Eclipse security grille operates an enhanced, bespoke CL03 multi-point locking system. Cylinders are individually pinned and keyed in-house at our dedicated security grille manufacturing facility in Scunthorpe.

Easy to install, Cross-Guard’s Extendor Eclipse security grilles are provided with straight-forward fitting and maintenance instructions. The Eclipse retractable security grilles need limited maintenance - it’s recommended you occasionally dust Extendor Eclipse security grilles with a dry cloth. You can apply mild detergent onto a wet cloth to clean the Eclipse retractable security grille.

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Security grille features

  • Certified to LPS 1175 SR3 by the LPCB
  • Enhanced CL03 bespoke locking system
  • In-built anti-jemmy security strip
  • Highest resistance against a range of tooling
  • Insurance approved
  • Hardened steel lattices
  • Hardened anti-saw bars in pickets
  • Corner fixed on all four sides
  • Easy fitting instructions
  • Top rolling
  • Recess track, channel and deep rail available
  • Zinc plated anti-rust finish
  • Durable powder coating
  • Vast size and colour range
  • 2-year warranty

Security grille benefits

  • Proven attack resistance
  • Enhanced security
  • Protects lock from attack
  • Enhanced protection from attack
  • Additional peace of mind
  • May lower insurance premiums
  • Increased resistance
  • Tools struggle to gain traction
  • Increased strength
  • Easy installation
  • Smooth operation
  • Reduced tripping hazards
  • Durability
  • Longer-lasting solution
  • Tailored to individual preference
  • Peace of mind*

* All Extendor Eclipse security grilles are guaranteed for 2 years against faulty parts or workmanship.
The guarantee does exclude damage, misuse and incorrect installation of the security grilles.

Eclipse retractable security grilles are extremely light to operate due to a combination of high-strength aluminium and stainless-steel components. Extendor Eclipse security grilles can contain neat, recessed handles for a premium look and feel.


An overview of Extendor Eclipse security grilles

Eclipse security grilles for commercial security

Where are Extendor Eclipse security grilles used?

Cross-Guard’s Extendor Eclipse security grilles provide the highest levels of reinforcement for windows, doors and other openings. The standard choice for buildings requiring the highest levels of security, Eclipse security grilles have been installed in government facilities, foreign and commonwealth offices, police stations, commercial corporations, embassies, public utilities, universities, financial institutions, railways and hospitals. Delivering ultimate strength for all applications, Extendor Eclipse security grilles protect buildings and prevent unauthorised access.

The bespoke, multi-point locking mechanism used for Eclipse security grilles makes the retractable grilles infinitely stronger and more uncompromising than alternatives. You can lock Eclipse security grilles in the open position, and there’s also the potential to integrate electronic locking mechanisms that wire into fire suppression systems.

Working in parallel with electronic security devices, Extendor Eclipse grilles provide a physical barrier to compliment surveillance and monitoring. It’s unrealistic to rely purely on security systems that alert you of an intruder as break-ins happen quickly and police response time may not be quick enough.

Good security in the workplace is crucial to combat concerns of terrorism, organised crime and data theft. You should continually review your security requirements to implement a security system that works for you and your business, incorporating physical deterrents alongside other secure measures.

The below images highlight the various applications of Extendor Eclipse security grilles. Extendor Eclipse security grilles provide an authentic, market-leading security solution for lasting peace of mind regarding the security of your premises.

As you can see, Extendor Eclipse security grilles combine the need for security with the need for aesthetic appeal. Extendor security grilles are unsurpassed for security with no other comparable products created to the same quality with the same unique design. In high-risk businesses, Extendor Eclipse security grilles deliver complete security, while also facilitating flow of ample ventilation during summer months to ensure a comfortable working environment.

Extendor Eclipse is the best grille to tackle the demands of high-risk environments where there are threats to the national critical infrastructure. It also works well as a deterrent for specialist burglars who focus on wealthy estates and are usually more sophisticated than ‘smash and grab’ burglars.


What does it mean for the Extendor Eclipse security grille to be LPCB certified to LPS 1175 SR3 and manufactured to Secured by Design standards?

As a certified security grille, the Eclipse security grille is manufactured to meet specific, strict criteria and externally tested and approved by the LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board). The Extendor Eclipse security grille is certified and proven to withstand attack from certain tools for a set duration of time.

Eclipse grilles are tested with the following tools to achieve the LPS 1175 SR3 security grille rating:

  • Pry bar
  • Screwdriver
  • Cordless drill
  • Wrench knife
  • Glass cutter
  • Axe
  • Car jack
  • Knife
  • Cold chisel
  • Pliers
  • Bolt cutters
  • Hacksaw
  • Gas torch
  • Pipe wrench
  • Claw hammer
  • Hand drill

The LPCB test Eclipse security grilles for a maximum duration of 20 minutes with the above tools. Most intruders and thieves typically spend less than 1 minute to gain access to a building, which means Eclipse grilles provide the ideal deterrent. By increasing required attack time, Eclipse certified security grilles encourage thieves and other intruders to move on to easier targets that have less security in place.

Your Eclipse security grille will contain a certification reference on the lock post to give you lasting peace of mind the security grilles are manufactured to the highest standard. Extendor Eclipse security grilles are preferred in markets that require a high LPCB security rating.

All the Extendor security grilles are bomb blast tested with glass-backed, anti-shatter security film, using 100kg charge at 20m. The Eclipse has successfully been installed in high-risk areas around the world.

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Extendor Eclipse security grille components

Extendor Eclipse security grilles are manufactured with straight lattices/links (cross-sections of the Eclipse grille), which are held together between pickets. Fully secured at the top rail and track with tempered aluminium carriers and guides, the Extendor Eclipse grid has no visible or vulnerable rivets. Rotating rods, drill-resistant cylinders, and case-hardened components are used in Eclipse security grilles to protect against attack using a drill and other commonly used attack tools.

If you require a retractable grille, the Extendor Eclipse security grille is manufactured to enable movement, operating by a wheel that rolls in the top track. Extendor security grilles are top hung, which reduces the risk of anything blocking the bottom track to hinder security grille operation. A high-strength kaba cylinder is used for the bespoke locking mechanism, providing ultimate protection and attack resistance.

There are various track options available with the Extendor Eclipse security grille, so the security grille track is installed out of the way and in the ground, including recessed track, channel rail, and deep rail. These security grille track options facilitate better access for wheelchairs and pushchairs, alongside providing a sleeker finish with fewer components on display.

For more information on the available options you can have with the Eclipse security grille, give our specialist security grilles team a call: +44 (0)808 301 9807.

technical drawing

Technical illustration of a Eclipse security grille

The above illustration exemplifies the basic components in an Extendor Eclipse security grille. Cross-Guard’s approved suppliers and distributors can contact us for any security grille imagery we have, or email us for the technical specifications of the Eclipse security grille: grillesales@cross-guard.com.


Fixed, single and double Extendor Eclipse security grille assemblies

Cross-Guard’s fixed Eclipse security grilles are static – they don’t retract or move. These security grilles are used mainly for window security, where static security measures are required, or openings where access is not required.

Two primary stacking options are available for the retractable Extendor Eclipse security grilles. A single sash Eclipse security grille, or single stack security grille, includes a single grille stack to the right- or left-hand side of your opening, depending on what you specify. Double stack, or double sash, Extendor Eclipse security grilles consist of a bi-parting grille assembly.