Extendor Security Grilles

Extendor security grilles are Cross-Guard’s premium security grilles, providing heavy-duty protection against theft and terrorism with proven results. Functioning as a high-strength visual deterrent and a robust physical security barrier, Extendor retractable secure grilles are used for window and door security in environments where the highest levels of security are required.

The Extendor grilles are manufactured bespoke and can also secure a variety of other openings. A popular choice for government buildings and facilities containing highly sensitive information or high-value items, the Extendor grilles require limited maintenance and allow visibility and ventilation when in operation.

Cross-Guard also offers the CX range of security grilles for general domestic and commercial security as a lower cost alternative.


Extendor security grilles

Pioneered for unrivalled quality, resilience and strength

Attack testing for Extendor security grilles highlights the unrivalled strength of the grilles

Unique to Cross-Guard, Extendor security grilles are developed for excellence with proven resistance against tooling including hacksaws and electric drills. Every component is manufactured with resilience, quality and durability in mind, giving you peace of mind about your building’s security.

Extendor security grilles are manufactured in-house at Cross-Guard’s Scunthorpe facility by our specialist Grilles division, with rigorous quality management control procedures in place. Developed using care and precision, Extendor security grilles never fail to impress prestigious clients across the nation. Cross-Guard’s approved suppliers and distributers ensure these security grilles are installed to high-quality standards.


Installing Extendor security grilles

Installed by Cross-Guard’s approved suppliers and distributers, Extendor security grilles can be fitted as reveal or face fixed to the exterior or interior of a window, doorway or other opening. The fact they can be installed internally with no visible rivets makes them more secure. If you would like installation instructions, or any further details on the Extendor products, please give us a call on +44 (0)808 301 9807.

Extendor security grilles for the security of government and high-sensitive facilities: uses and applications

Extendor retractable security grilles are designed and manufactured bespoke to achieve the highest levels of security. They are versatile in application and can secure numerous openings, most commonly for window and door security.

Extendor security grilles are available in a wide range of sizes and standard colours to suit your required application. These sliding security grilles (or sliding security gates, as they are sometimes referred to) are flexible to your requirements.

Breach of buildings containing highly sensitive or highly valuable data, such as government buildings and data centres, can cause devastation, including fines, physical loss of data and negative publicity. Therefore, it’s important to take appropriate security precautions to avoid becoming a victim of theft or terrorism.

With terrorism becoming more widespread and sophisticated, the Exendor range of security grilles will help make sure you’re prepared. In the IT and Data Centre space, physical security can often become neglected in favour of efforts put into cyber security. This is due to cyber security being promoted as a keen focus, because of the development of more aggressive malware. It’s important to cover all aspects of security to be fully prepared in the event of an attack.


Operating and maintaining Extendor sliding security grilles

Extendor security grilles are retractable and user-friendly. With the option of a recess track (sometimes referred to as a security grille recess channel rail) installed into the floor, Extendor security grilles are sliding grilles that open and close by rolling on the track. Strong locking mechanisms are implemented to ensure maximum building security. With no electrical components, Extendor security grilles are straight-forward to maintain using a duster and dry cloth with mild detergent.