CX Security Grilles

CX security grilles provide an effective visual deterrent and physical barrier to protect against theft. These retractable, secure grilles are used for window and door security, and security of other openings, including use in specialised and bespoke security projects. Installed in homes and businesses, they are a popular choice compared to shutters as CX security grilles are maintenance-free and facilitate free flow of light and air when in operation.

Cross-Guard also offers the premium Extendor range of security grilles for anti-theft and anti-terror, where window and door security is required to the extreme.


Installing CX security grilles

CX security grilles can be installed as reveal fixed or face fixed and can be fitted on the interior or exterior of a window or doorway. This makes them a more secure choice than roller shutters, which are external fitting only. If you require installation instructions and further details on CX security grilles, you can give us a call on +44 (0)808 301 9807.

According to results previously published by the BBC, only 14 arrests are made for every 100 burglaries. Theft doesn’t just cost you valuable items, it also costs loss of working time, emotional stress, and rises in insurance premiums. Implementing CX security grilles gives you peace of mind your home or business is protected and secure.


Operating and maintaining CX sliding security grilles

CX security grilles are retractable and easy to operate. They function by rolling over a track when you slide them back and forth, and the sliding grilles lock together using a secure lock and slam post. The CX security grilles contain no electrical components so are easy to maintain using a dry duster and a cloth with mild detergent. The bottom security grille tracks can be vacuum cleaned.


CX security grilles: guaranteed for quality

CX security grilles are manufactured at Cross-Guard’s dedicated Scunthorpe factory. Each CX security grille is custom-made with the highest quality steel and aluminium. Cross-Guard guarantees CX security grilles for 2 years against faulty parts or workmanship, excluding damage, misuse or incorrect installation.


Advantages of CX security grilles compared to other security measures such as roller shutters

The core advantage of CX security grilles in the retail market is that they facilitate window shopping. Whereas security shutters are less aesthetically pleasing and don’t allow visibility when in operation, CX sliding security grilles allow shoppers to browse while your high-value items remain protected from thieves. CX security grilles can be fitted internally or externally and often provide cost savings compared to security shutters. The CX retractable grilles require limited maintenance and don’t involve any electrical components that can be costly to fix.