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What is the Extendor Elite security cage?


Cross-Guard is the exclusive global supplier of Extendor premium security cages, designed for unrivalled protection. The Extendor Elite security cage is the entry level cage for the Extendor range. Elite security cages are manufactured to protect high-value items with proven resistance against tooling, including hacksaws and drills. These lockable security cages are suitable for all but the highest security requirements, from high-value goods protection to computer cage security.

Elite security cages are most used in data centres as IT security cages or computer server cages, but they prove popular for a variety of applications, including outdoor security. The security cages are modular in design, consisting of Elite security grilles secured together to create high-strength enclosures and security partition systems. Elite security cages are known for a bold, robust design which looks high strength and is high strength, extending their use far beyond data center cages.

Manufactured to suit your needs, and available in a wide variety of sizes and colours, Extendor Elite security cages can be used for demarcation where restricted access is required. The security cages are available with a number of sides, so existing walls can be used as part of the structure, or you can request a fully enclosed security cage with 5 or 6 sides.

Compatible with a variety of different locking mechanisms, including electronic locking, Extendor Elite security cages are designed bespoke to your needs. The Elite security cages allow great ventilation and visibility so can be combined with patrol guarding, and do not limit views from CCTV. In addition, Elite security cages can integrate with existing fire suppression and climate control systems.

Easy and fast to fit with quick reference installation instructions provided to Cross-Guard’s approved distributors and suppliers, there are no hot works required for the Elite lockable security cages.

Limited maintenance is also needed for the security cages aside from general dusting, making them easy to maintain whether you’re using them to protect high-value machinery or goods, or as computer server security cages. The modular design of the Elite security cages makes these lockable security cages an investment for the future, as the secure cages can be relocated.

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Security cage features

  • Resistant to hacksaws and electric drills
  • Certified usage for raised access floors
  • Facilitates flow of light and air
  • Easy reference fitting instructions
  • Top rolling, retractable door
  • Lift out track option for door
  • Zinc plated anti-rust finish
  • Durable powder coating
  • Vast size and colour range
  • Made to measure
  • No hot works required
  • Modular design
  • Integrate with fire suppression

Security cage benefits

  • Maximum strength
  • Additional peace of mind
  • Adaptable
  • Ventilation and visibility for CCTV
  • Hassle-free installation
  • Smooth operation
  • No tripping hazards
  • Durability
  • Longer-lasting solution
  • Tailored to individual preference
  • Flexible to suit different applications/locations
  • Safer installation
  • Quick turnaround and assembly
  • Safety compliant

Where are Extendor Elite security cages used?

Extendor Elite lockable security cages can be used in different ways, depending on the requirements of the client. The security cages can be used to create fully secured enclosures, or the security cages can be braced against existing walls or used as security partitions in shared or restricted areas. Elite cages can also be used to protect light-weight partition walls – the security cages are multi-purpose and extremely flexible. The flexibility of Elite security cages is especially useful within environments where there are installation challenges, and a lockable cage must be installed around ie. existing overhead services.

Installed to protect high-value or high-sensitive items, Elite security cages are most used for data center security as data center security cages. However, the versatile nature of the security cages and the ability to install the cages outside, makes them appeal to most markets requiring security caging. Other applications include: gas security cages, lobby, reception and entranceway security partitions, laboratory security cages, warehouse security cages and machine guarding, retail security cages, government security cages, lockable pallet cages, pharmaceutical cages, and many more.

Elite security cages, and Extendor security cages in general, are in demand in high-sensitive industries, including government, finance, and public services such as prisons and police buildings. These lockable security cages can also be used outdoors to protect air-conditioning units, chemicals (containment cages), and confidential waste disposal facilities.

The modular nature of Extendor Elite security cages means the lockable security cages can also be relocated, making them an excellent choice for clients who require a future-proof solution. Elite lockable cages are available in a wide range of sizes and colours to suit with the smallest cage currently offered being 1m x 1m in size. Small Extendor Elite security cages are ideal for storing and protecting computer or PC equipment.

The images below highlight some of the many applications of Extendor Elite lockable security cages. Extendor Elite security cages provide you with an authentic, market-leading security solution to protect your valuables and high-sensitive data.

Elite security cages combine the need for protection and security with the need for aesthetic appeal. Extendor security cages are unsurpassed for level of security offered with no other comparable products created to the same quality with the same unique design. Alongside providing high levels of security, Elite security cages also ensure sufficient levels of ventilation, making these security cages highly appropriate for the security of IT and server equipment.

Cross-Guard has supplied security cages, including the Extendor Elite security cage, to leading brands across the globe. Clients include Amazon, Equinix, IBM, Microsoft, and more. The company understands the need for trust and discretion when installing security cages and makes the process as straightforward and hassle-free as possible. Security cages are available supplied direct or installed by Cross-Guard’s professional installers.

As an anti-theft and anti-terror solution, Extendor Elite security cages are manufactured to rigorous quality management standards. The cost of replacing stolen goods or information, and the potential fines and reputational damage involved, often far outweigh the cost for good security.

In addition to Elite security cages providing valuable secure enclosures for anything you need to protect, the secure cages can also be used to restrict access for the protection of staff and as part of a health and safety measurement. For example, security cages can be adapted to security partitions to prevent untrained personnel in factories coming into contact with dangerous machinery. Lockable security cages can also be used for storage of dangerous gas cannisters and chemicals, preventing misuse and outside tampering. Extendor Elite cages can be adapted for weather resistance and outside usage.

Vandal proofing is another common reason for requiring security cages. Cross-Guard’s Extendor Elite and other cages have previously been used to protect equipment such as air-conditioning units from vandalism and malicious damage. Implementing a lockable security cage around such machinery ensures systems run smoothly and there are no glitches or repair costs due to outside tampering.

It’s important to consider to volume of people with access to the expensive items or high-value information that you’re trying to protect, from employees, through to visitors, contractors and drivers. Restricting access through use of a security cage to only those who require it is good practice and involves substantially less risk.

In conclusion, Extendor Elite security cages have a potentially limitless number of applications. Cross-Guard is continually receiving requests for bespoke or unique projects where lockable security cages are required for security and protection. The company has even had a request for a high-strength lockable security cage to protect a high-value sports car.


Components and manufacture of Extendor Elite security cages

Extendor Elite security cages are manufactured using Extendor Elite security grilles. You can visit the individual page for Extendor Elite security grilles to find out more about components. The Elite lockable security cages are compatible with a variety of locking mechanisms and can be designed bespoke to your requirements.

With no visible or vulnerable rivets, Extendor Elite security cages are manufactured for strength and versatility. Stainless steel structural connection points are used alongside rotating rods, drill resistant cylinders and case-hardened components. The Elite security cages are manufactured by our dedicated Security Grilles team in-house at Cross-Guard’s Scunthorpe factory.

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