Security Cages

Cross-Guard is a global supplier of high-strength, modular security cages for the protection of high-value goods and equipment and for demarcation where restricted access is required.

Our premium Extendor security cages offer the highest levels of protection available on the market and can be used within a range of different sectors and environments, such as for server cage security or outdoor use and as data center cages, retail goods cages, high-value machine cages and much more.

Extendor lockable security cages are used when only the highest security will suffice. Cross-Guard also offers the high-strength, flexible Connexions security cages — our mesh security cages — as an alternative, which is a popular choice within data centres.



Extendor security cages are multi-purpose, lockable security cages. Extendor cages are designed and manufactured bespoke to your requirements. The security cages can be used for protecting high-value equipment and goods, for example when used as an IT security cage. However, they can also be adapted to restrict access to certain areas and if high-security machine guarding is required.


What are Extendor security cages used for?

Extendor security cages are available in a wide range of sizes and colours to suit. Please note, the smallest Extendor security cage currently offered is 1m x 1m. Extendor security cages are constructed from the Extendor security grilles so cages can be supplied with varying numbers of sides. It is possible to use existing walls to brace an Extendor cage should you require a security cage with fewer sides, or Cross-Guard has also manufactured highly bespoke security cages that are 6-sided. Please find below dedicated information on each application of Extendor security cages.

IT cage

IT security cage by Extendor

Security cages are extremely popular within data centers for IT security. IT security cages need to be manufactured to the highest standards in order to protect servers and sensitive information, which is why Extendor security cages are ideal for the job. Why? Because they offer certified security cages with proven attack resistance for the ultimate computer cage security.

Data center cage systems must be strong but also flexible to allow installation in tight spaces, working around challenges such as overhead services. The modular, flexible nature of Extendor security cages makes them well adapted to be used as computer server security cages in data centers. Extendor security cages can be used for security partition, for example, to partition sections of a data center to restrict access to specific clients.

For data centers that require IT security cages with smaller hole patterns, Cross-Guard offers Connexions mesh security cages. The benefit offered from the design of the Extendor security cages is exceptional ventilation to help reduce risks of servers overheating. The diamond lattice design allows easy flow of air.

Cross-Guard has worked with many prestigious, leading brands to supply practical, high-strength security cages. Some of the company’s data center clients include: Equinix, IBM, Amazon, Microsoft, and many more. The company understands the need for discretion during the installation phase of a project.

Extendor security cage features and benefits

Extendor security cages are high-strength security cages with proven hacksaw resistance, available in a wide size and colour range. The individual cages maintain various security ratings, obtained through LPCB testing. For a full range of features and benefits, please visit the individual product page of interest: Elite security cagesVulcan security cagesEclipse security cages.


Why is Extendor the leading brand for security cages?

Extendor is a leading, premium brand for security cages due to the way the cages are manufactured and designed. The Cross-Guard team take care and precision to create security cages only of the highest quality, and the cages undergo a series of attack tests to achieve certifications. You won’t be able to find another brand of security cage to match the strength, quality and versatility of Extendor cages.

Components and manufacture of Extendor security cages

Extendor security cages are manufactured at Cross-Guard’s Scunthorpe facility by the dedicated Grilles team. Each security cage is formed from a series of Extendor security grilles, created bespoke to the requirements of the client. With no visible and vulnerable rivets, Extendor security cages use stainless steel structural connection points, case-hardened components, rotating rods and drill resistant cylinders. If you’d like comprehensive technical specifications, get in touch with our specialist Grilles team by using the contact information below.


More information about security cages

If you’d like more information on any of Cross-Guard’s security cages, or to obtain a quote for security cages, you can give us a call on +44 (0)808 301 9807 or email