Security Grilles

Cross-Guard is a leading manufacturer of retractable security grilles, sometimes known as security gates or concertina security grilles. These secure grilles are installed by the company’s approved security grille suppliers and distributors. Retractable security grilles are popular for window and door security, and the security of other openings, in a wide range of markets. Security grilles for doors and windows can be fitted internally and externally.


What are security grilles?

Security grilles in-situ securing building doors and windows

Security grilles, or concertina grilles, are effective physical barriers and theft deterrents that are installed in windows, doorways and a variety of other openings that require security. Retractable security grilles slide on a track to enable opening and closing.

When in operation for window and door security, concertina grilles facilitate free flow of light and air, which makes them superior in design to security shutters. Security grilles allow more flexibility without compromising security and are maintenance-free with no electrical components.

Retractable security grilles comprise of a variety of different components, manufactured to the highest standards and subject to an intensive quality management system. Developed with care and precision, Cross-Guard’s security grilles have been implemented to deliver leading security nationwide. Cross-Guard specialises in retractable security grilles for a wide variety of markets to suit all needs and openings.


What are security grilles used for?

Security grilles are used primarily for window and door security. The bespoke nature of Cross-Guard’s retractable security grilles also makes them a popular choice to secure a wide variety of other openings. Below are some of the ways in which security grilles have been applied.

Door security is a high priority for homes and businesses across the globe. Contrary to popular belief, a high percentage of thieves will break into a building through a front door if sufficient security is not in place.

Retractable security grilles for doors are an excellent choice to give you extra door security, providing an additional barrier and theft deterrent for your home or business. When implemented for front door and back door security, Cross-Guard’s security grilles increase time and effort required to break into your home or business, stopping burglars in their tracks.

Security grilles can be fitted to a doorway surround, folding back to a fraction of the size when not in use. Retractable security grilles can be supplied with a variety of track options, such as lift up and lift out tracks, ensuring health and safety is not compromised for door security.


Why should you choose security grilles over other window and door security measures?

Retractable security grilles are proven to protect your home and business. Unlike some security measures, concertina grilles serve a dual purpose. These secure grilles provide both a physical barrier and a visual deterrent. Retractable security grilles are custom-designed to suit with a wide variety of models available, including security grilles that are certified as resistant to a range of common attack tools.

Security grilles compared to roller shutters

Security shutters are the closest comparable product to concertina grilles. Although security shutters provide the same physical and visual deterrent, there are lots of reasons why security grilles can be considered a superior product.

Where security shutters are dowdy and quite old fashioned in appearance, security grilles are more aesthetically pleasing, and allow free flow of light and air when in operation, without compromising security. Secure concertina grilles are also maintenance-free as they comprise no electrical components, making them more cost-effective and durable to stand the test of time.


More information about security grilles

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