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Cross-Guard’s premium Extendor Elite security grilles


What are Extendor Elite security grilles?

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Extendor Elite security grilles deliver proven resistance against hacksaws and electric drills, suitable for all but the highest security requirements.

The Elite grilles are commonly used in high-security environments such as government and embassy buildings. While Extendor Elite security grilles are a popular choice for upper floor window security, the Extendor Vulcan and Eclipse are used at ground floor level to deliver even better resistance. The bold design of the Elite security grille creates a strong visual deterrent, while the retractable grille also provides a robust physical barrier to protect your premises.

Available in a range of sizes and colours to suit, Extendor Elite security grilles can be manufactured as fixed or retractable grilles. The Extendor Elite retractable security grille operates a multi-point locking system with stainless steel shoot bolts. Cylinders are individually pinned and keyed in-house at our dedicated security grilles manufacturing facility.

A core advantage of the Extendor range of security grilles is the fact they all look similar so, if you’d prefer a different level of certified security for the lower floors of your building compared to upper floors, you can install different Extendor grilles while maintaining the same uniform design. All Extendor security grilles have a straight lattice/link design.

Cross-Guard’s Extendor Elite security grilles are easy to fit with clear fitting and maintenance instructions provided with the security grille. Requiring limited maintenance, it’s recommended you use a dry cloth to occasionally dust the Extendor Elite security grille. A wet cloth with mild detergent can also be used on the security grille.

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Extendor Elite 600x600 revised banner

Security grille features

  • Secure multi-point locking system
  • In-built anti-jemmy security strip
  • Resistant to hacksaws and electric drills
  • Corner fixed on all four sides
  • Easy reference fitting instructions
  • Top rolling
  • Lift out track option
  • Zinc plated anti-rust finish
  • Durable powder coating
  • Vast size and colour range

Security grille benefits

  • Enhanced security
  • Protects lock from attack
  • Increased protection from attack
  • Additional peace of mind
  • Increased strength
  • Straightforward installation
  • Smooth operation
  • No tripping hazards
  • Durability
  • Longer-lasting solution
  • Tailored to individual preference

Where are Extendor Elite security grilles used?

Extendor Elite security grilles are effective for home security of high-risk properties.

Cross-Guard’s Extendor Elite security grilles deliver advanced protection for the reinforcement of windows, doors and other openings. The Elite security grilles are commonly used in buildings requiring high levels of security, including government facilities, foreign and commonwealth offices, embassies, police stations, banks and hospitals. Elite security grilles protect these buildings to prevent unauthorised access, keeping valuables and any sensitive/high-risk information secure. When not in operation, the Elite grilles can be discretely stacked back.

Extendor Elite security grilles are popular in markets that require a Secured by Design security grille. Secured by Design was introduced to improve and standardise the safety and security of products. What does it mean for Elite security grilles to be manufactured to Secured by Design standards? It means the Elite retractable security grilles are developed to be as secure as possible in accordance with police guidelines. Extendor security grilles are also bomb blast tested and have been installed in high-risk areas across the globe.

Below are images displaying some of the many applications of Extendor Elite security grilles. Elite security grilles provide you with an authentic, market-leading security solution to give you lasting peace of mind about your building’s security.

The images above illustrate how Elite security grilles combine the need for protection and security with the need for aesthetic appeal. Extendor security grilles are unsurpassed in terms of security with no other comparable products created to the same quality with the same unique design. In high-risk office buildings, Extendor Elite grilles ensure complete security, while also allowing free flow of air during summer months for a safe, comfortable working environment.

As the Extendor Elite is a high-security grille, it is well suited to the demands of high-risk environments where there are national security and terrorism concerns. It also works well as a deterrent for specialist burglars who select targets carefully, concentrating on wealthy estates, and are usually more sophisticated than simple ‘smash and grab’ attacks. The cost of the items and information these types of thieves can steal far outweighs the cost of good security.

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Extendor security grille components

Extendor security grilles are manufactured with straight lattices/links (the cross-sections of the Elite grille), which are held together between pickets. With no visible/vulnerable rivets, the Elite grid is fully secured at the top rail and track with tempered aluminium carriers and guides. In order to protect against hacksaws and drills, case-hardened components are used in Elite security grilles in combination with rotating rods and drill-resistant cylinders.

Extendor Elite security grilles operate by a wheel rolling in the top track if a retractable grille is requested. As the Elite security grille is top hung, there is less risk of anything blocking the bottom track or hindering the operation of the security grille. The high-security locking mechanism consists of top and bottom stainless-steel shoot bolts operated by a euro profile cylinder. The security grille locking mechanism is fully enclosed in a stile profile, protected within an overlapping clutch.

The Extendor Elite security grille has the option of a recessed track, where the grille track is installed into the ground. This promotes even better access for pushchairs and wheelchairs and gives the security grille a more professional finish with minimal components on display. There is also the option of a lift out track for the Elite retractable security grille to achieve a similar result.

If you’d like details about any of the other options available with the Elite security grille, our Grilles team will be happy to help: +44 (0)808 301 9807.

Fixed, single and double Elite security grille assemblies

Fixed Extendor Elite security grilles, which don’t retract or move, can be used where static security measures are required such as for certain windows. For Cross-Guard’s retractable Extendor Elite security grilles, there are two primary stacking options available. An Extendor Elite security grille with a single stack, sometimes known as a single sash security grille, will include one grille stack to either the left- or right-hand side of your opening. A double stack, or double sash Extendor Elite security grille, will comprise of a bi-parting grille assembly.


Technical illustration of an Elite security grille

The illustration above shows the components that fit into an Extendor Elite security grille. If you’re one of Cross-Guard’s approved suppliers and distributors and would like to receive any imagery, please do get in touch. You can also call +44 (0)808 301 9807 or email us if you’d like technical specifications for the Elite retractable security grille.