Physical Security: Is your business in safe hands?

The rise in security threats is evident from both external and internal sources. Moreover, incidents of insider activism and cyber security threats are on the rise as well. To safeguard your employees and assets, it is imperative to implement a comprehensive corporate physical security strategy.

To guarantee the seamless operation of your business, it is imperative to effectively handle potential risks. By doing so, you will safeguard not only your reputation but also the well-being of your customers and employees. Regardless of the scale of your organization, it is crucial to acknowledge that workplace theft, violence, and property damage pose potential threats. In the UK, company theft costs approximately £12.9 million annually.

If someone gains physical access to your building the resulting damage limitation is likely to cost you time and money. It also has the potential to weaken trust in your business and to break data protection regulations.

You might think your business security services are sufficient, however, the scope of potential risks is constantly changing. It is always important to evaluate your building and see if any extra measures could be implemented.

This is where Cross-Guard comes in. We are the leading manufacturer of retractable security grilles which are popular for window and door security, and the security of other openings, in a wide range of markets. Our security grilles are an effective physical barrier and theft deterrent.

The security grilles excel in design as they allow the unhindered passage of light and air, enhancing window and door security during operation. Our CX1 and CX2 ranges are mostly installed in homes and businesses, however, we also provide high-security extendor security grilles, providing heavy-duty protection against theft and terrorism.

Not only do we provide security grilles, we also provide security bars (also known as jail bars). Although security bars can be used for a variety of openings, they are most popular for window security, due to their static nature. They provide a fantastic visual deterrent to stop potential thieves and intruders in their tracks. Security bars are popular in both domestic and commercial markets requiring maximum protection.

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