CX1 Security Grille

cx1 security grille

What is the CX1 Security Grille?

CX1 security grilles help protect your building against theft by creating a physical barrier for your windows and doors. As an affordable security solution where certification is not required, CX1 security grilles are available in a wide range of sizes and standard colours to suit your requirements.

The CX1 grilles are available as retractable security grilles or fixed security grilles. CX1 security grilles operate a C250, C500 or C1000 2-point slam lock and hasp system to ensure additional security. These security grilles use a traditional diamond lattice assembly, designed with appearance and safety in mind. Fitting and maintenance instructions are provided with CX1 security grilles, although the secure grilles are mostly maintenance-free, requiring only general dusting.


Security grille features

  • Secure lock and slam post
  • Corner fixed on all four sides
  • Easy reference fitting instructions
  • Swivel return options
  • Unique bottom rolling track
  • Lift up and out track options
  • Durable powder coating
  • Vast size and colour range
  • 2-year warranty*

Security grille benefits

  • Increased security
  • Increased strength
  • Quick, hassle-free installation
  • Less restriction on security grille opening
  • Smooth operation, closing and locking
  • No tripping hazards
  • Longer-lasting solution
  • Tailored to individual preference
  • Peace of mind

*All CX1 security grilles are guaranteed for 2 years against faulty parts or workmanship. Please note the guarantee excludes damage, misuse and incorrect installation of the security grilles.


Where are CX1 retractable security grilles used?

CX1 security grilles function as an excellent anti-burglar barrier and visual deterrent. These security grilles can be installed in a range of commercial and domestic properties, including industrial units, homes and shops. Primarily used for window and door security, but applicable for the security of a range of openings, CX1 security grilles help protect your valuables. For burglar proof windows and burglar proof doors, the CX1 security grille has you covered.

CX1 security grilles are popular in the domestic market, especially to protect children or those who are more vulnerable. Below are images displaying some of the applications of CX1 security grilles. The CX1 grilles are popular to reinforce security doors and fire doors and have also been used to reinforce weaker openings such as patio doors. CX1 security grilles provide that additional layer of security, giving you peace of mind when it comes to your home or business.

Although the above images primarily illustrate CX1 security grilles protecting doorways, a lot of people also choose security grilles for house windows. During summer months, individuals like to open windows in their home to allow ventilation. With CX1 home window security grilles in place, ventilation is still allowed through an open window, but the property remains secure against potential intruders. CX1 home window security grilles help tackle alarming crime rates. Did you know 23% of burglars are not ‘breaking’ in at all – they access a property through an open ground floor window. Don’t make it easy for burglars to access your property.

Call for technical specifications

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The components of a CX1 security grille

CX1 security grilles are formed from lattices (the cross-sections of the secure grille), which are fitted between pickets. The anchor picket, or anchor post, is the end picket that secures the security grille in place within the opening. CX1 security grilles retract by a wheel that rolls on the bottom track, wheel supports guiding the CX1 grille smoothly back and forth. A lock and slam post ensures the security grille can be locked as required.

There are a variety of different track options if you require something more than the standard CX1 security grille. The swivel return track option for CX1 retractable grilles is particularly useful for implementation in doorways, as the security grille stack can rotate on a hinge out of the way. If you’d like more details about any of these non-standard security grille options, our technical Grilles experts will be happy to assist: +44 (0)808 301 9807.

Fixed, double and single CX1 security grille assemblies

CX1 security grilles can be fixed in place so the secure grilles don’t retract or move. If you require a retractable CX1 security grille, there are two main stacking options available. A CX1 security grille with a single stack will contain one grille stack to either the left- or right-hand side of your opening. A double stack will create a bi-parting CX1 security grille.

technical drawing
Technical illustration of a CX1 security grille

The illustration above shows the components that fit into a CX1 retractable security grille. If you’re one of our approved suppliers and distributors and would like to receive a copy of the image, please do get in contact. You can also call +44 (0)808 301 9807 or email us if you’d like a copy of the technical specifications for the CX1 security grille.