Security Grilles: All you need to know

What are security grilles?

Cross-Guard is a leading manufacturer of retractable security grilles. Security grilles are physical barriers and theft deterrents that are installed by the company’s approved security grille specialists and distributors. Security grilles facilitate the free flow of light and air, which makes them superior in design to security shutters. Security grilles allow more flexibility and are maintenance-free with no electrical components. Cross-Guard’s security grilles have been implemented to deliver nationwide security.

What are security grilles used for?

Security grilles are physical barriers and theft deterrents that are installed in windows, doorways, and a variety of other openings that require security. Some examples of security grilles include back door and front door security, window security, garage door security, and patio door security. Security grilles can be installed in domestic, commercial, government, and high-security environments.

Cross-Guards Security Grilles

Here at Cross-Guard, we offer different types of Security Grilles for your needs. The standard security grilles that are offered at Cross-Guard are CX1 and CX2. CX1 is suitable for domestic and commercial properties and contains security features such as a lockable slam post for enhanced protection against theft. CX2 is accredited to LPS 1175 SR1 by LPCB and secured by design, these security grilles are popular by choice within domestic and commercial markets. They’re manufactured and installed to ISO 9001 quality standards.

Cross-Guard also offers a premium range of security grilles Elite, Vulcan, and Eclipse. Elite security grilles are suitable for most moderate security and are usually installed on upper floors of buildings. Increased strength Vulcan security grilles provide exceptional levels of security and have been proven to provide resistance against bolt cutters. The grille Eclipse is the strongest and most robust item on the market for anti-theft and anti-terror. Police Preferred Specification and approved for use by the UK government.

Why should you choose security grilles instead of other security measures?

Security grilles are proven to protect your business and home. Unlike some security measures, security grilles serve a dual purpose of providing a physical barrier and a visual deterrent. Cross-Guards security grilles are custom-designed for your needs and create the safest option for you. Our security grilles are certified and resistant to a range of attacks and tools. Roller shutters are the closest comparable products to security grilles, however, they do not compare to security grills as grilles are aesthetically pleasing and allow free flow of light and air when in operation.

Security Grilles Maintenance

Security Grilles require no maintenance as they require no electrical components. The only minimal maintenance that will be required is a simple clean of the security grilles from time to time. A damp cloth and some mild detergent will do a fantastic job. Security grilles are the most effective and low-maintenance option that provides safety and in conclusion, are the best option for all environments.

Can I get a quote online?

Yes! You can get a quote online if you create a trading account with Cross-Guard and fill out a quick form. The form will go over what products, size, and colour you require, which will give an estimate on a quote. This is the easiest and quickest way to gain a quote and is the most efficient solution. The link provided below will take you to the grilles trade account registration:

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How do I discuss product enquires?

One of the easiest ways to discuss product enquires is by visiting our website and filling out a form as shown below. The form allows you to ask any questions and add any other messages for the Cross-Guard team to answer. Once the form is completed our team will be in contact. This is the easiest and most efficient way to get in contact with our team.

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