The art of security grilles

Eclipse security grille

Security grilles: secure whatever you need and say ‘no’ to theft

Security grilles are a popular security device for use in domestic, commercial and high-security markets. These secure grilles, or security gates as they’re sometimes referred to, are installed in windows, doorways, and other entry points, to create a physical barrier and visual deterrent against thieves. Made from robust steel and other strong materials, Cross-Guard’s range of security grilles have proven highly effective in a wide range of standard and bespoke applications.

A new case for security grilles: protecting modern art from theft and vandalism

This article looks at a new bespoke application for security grilles. Our Security Grilles team was tasked with securing the premises of the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in Machynlleth due to the high-value art the museum contains. Known as MOMA Wales up until 2016, the museum has evolved alongside seven exhibition spaces. It showcases modern Welsh art, including leading Welsh artists, offering many of the artworks for sale.

Due to the nature of what the security grilles would be protecting, our team advised installation of the company’s Extendor Eclipse security gate – the most secure grille we can offer. Extendor Eclipse is renowned for providing world-leading security, resistant to a wide range of tooling, including bolt cutters and gas torches. In total, the Cross-Guard team manufactured and installed 3 bespoke Eclipse security grilles. The requested colour was in our standard white so the security grilles would blend unobtrusively, while still sending a clear message to thieves that the building is secure.

Why choose security grilles to secure your premises?

There are many different options to secure your building against thieves. Other popular choices include security shutters and security cameras. The issue with some measures, such as cameras, is they don’t stop the thief gaining access. More often than not, thieves will simply wear a face covering to be unrecognisable to the camera. Security shutters, on the other hand, work effectively as visual and physical deterrents (just like security grilles), but they’re more costly to maintain, they don’t look the part and they prohibit any window shopping when in use. 

Security grilles not only look the part, but they are also highly effective in preventing thieves from gaining access. Thieves look for opportunities where the effort to break-in is minimal, but the reward is high. Security grilles increase time and effort required to try and breach premises and require the thief to make more noise, meaning there is a higher risk of being caught.

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