Extendor Security Cages: Pioneered For Quality, Versatility and Unrivalled Strength

Cross-Guard is the leading global supplier of high-strength, modular security cages for the protection of high-value goods and equipment. Our premium Extendor security cages offer the highest levels of protection available on the market and can be used within a range of different sectors and environments, such as for server cage security or outdoor use and as data centre cages, retail goods cages, high-value machine cages and much more.

Extendor security cages are multi-purpose, lockable security cages. Extendor cages are designed and manufactured bespoke to your requirements. The security cages can be used for protecting high-value equipment and goods, for example when used as an IT security cage. However, they can also be adapted to restrict access to certain areas and if high-security machine guarding is required.

There are 3 main Extendor cage types: Elite, Eclipse and Vulcan:

Elite- The Extendor Elite security cage is the entry-level cage for the Extendor Range. Elite security cages are manufactured to protect high-value items with proven resistance against tooling, including hacksaws and drills. The lockable security cages are suitable for all but the highest security requirements, from high-value goods protection to computer cage security. Elite security cages are mostly used in data centres as IT security cages or computer server cages, but they prove popular for a variety of applications, including outdoor security.

Vulcan- The Extendor Vulcan certified security cage is a high-end security cage, one of the strongest security cages that Cross-Guard offers, rated by the LPCB to LPS 1175 Security Rating 2. Suitable for the highest security requirements, Vulcan-certified security cages have proven resistance against a broad range of tooling, including hacksaws, drills and bolt cutters.

Eclipse- The Extendor Eclipse security cage is the strongest security cage available to the market, rated by the LPCB to LPS 1175 Security Rating 3. Designed to meet the highest security requirements, Extendor Eclipse security cages have been proven against a vast range of tooling, including bolt cutters, car jacks and gas torches.

Why should you choose Extendor, the leading brand for security cages?

Extendor is a leading, premium brand for security cages due to the way the cages are manufactured and designed. The Cross-Guard team take care and precision to create security cages only of the highest quality, and the cages undergo a series of attack tests to achieve certifications. You won’t be able to find another brand of security cage to match the strength, quality and versatility of Extendor cages.


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