The Evolution of Physical Security in Modern Building Design

In the majority of cases, firms were not considering physical security at the start of the project and were addressed at a later stage. This necessitated the implementation of additional security measures, such as physical barriers. Surveillance cameras were not budgeted for, and this made it difficult to cover areas with no natural camera coverage.

It is essential to incorporate physical security into building design, treating it akin to essential utilities like heating and lighting. A decade ago, the top three priorities for building design were safety, materials used and reliability, with security absent from the top three. Today, the landscape has shifted, with sustainability, safety and security ranking as the top three priorities.

Architects and engineers have responded to this demand, and 56% now have a process for integrating security into building design. There is a good understanding of the need for physical security to be an integral part of the design, rather than ”patched in” later.

Here at Cross-Guard, we can help you with your physical security solutions including security grilles, security cages and security bars.

Security grilles are effective physical barriers and theft deterrents that are installed in windows, doorways and a variety of other openings that require security. Grilles are proven to protect your business and offer a very successful physical security option.

Not only this, Cross-Guard also offers high-strength, modular security cages for the protection of high-value goods and equipment within a range of different sectors including data centre cages, retail goods cages, high-value machine cages and much more. There are 3 options of security to consider including our Elite, Vulcan and Eclipse cage range.

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