2020: an overview of security grilles

We previously released a 2020 overview of Cross-Guard to highlight some positive memories during such a difficult year for all businesses. This current article has been developed with a similar goal in mind, to celebrate the achievements of our employees despite tough times, but it is dedicated to developments in relation to our security grilles. So, check out some of our key moments below.

Supporting those who need it

Theft is an awful thing for any business to fall victim of. This is especially the case for not-for-profit companies and charitable organisations. HELP the Mental Health Charity faced exactly this issue when thieves broke into their stores and stole cash donations. Fortunately, only a small amount of cash was stolen, but the company also had the stress of repair costs caused by the forced entry, and emotional upset. It’s saddening that this charity, dedicated to improving people’s lives and supporting their mental health, should become a victim of crime.

Understanding funds would be restricted for the charity, but implementing a security solution was a priority, Cross-Guard decided to help. The team at Cross-Guard personally installed CX2 security grilles at two of the charity’s sites for no charge. We’re proud to have stepped up to help a charity in need and to help deter any future crime.

Security is a real art

Security grilles have a wide range of applications and can be used for a variety of openings. An interesting case we had in 2020 was when we were asked to secure the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in Wales, home to many famous Welsh artists. Due to the high value of the art, the client elected to have Cross-Guard’s highest security Extendor Eclipse grilles installed. Extendor Eclipse security grilles are renowned for their world-leading security, resistant to a wide range of powerful tooling.

Three bespoke security grilles were manufactured and installed at the MOMA premises to give the client peace of mind. The selected colour, Cross-Guard’s standard white, ensured the security grilles blended with the building’s décor, while also acting as an effective visual and physical deterrent to thieves.

Helping you get the most from our security grilles

We shared maintenance and security grille safety advice throughout the year to help you make the most of our products. Security grilles are incredibly low maintenance, requiring only occasional dusting and wiping with a damp cloth. It’s important not to let dust build up on your security grille track, so we also recommend vacuuming that. In terms of safety, if you’re installing grilles in a doorway, we have many options to ensure the security grille track won’t present a tripping hazard. Check out our security grille safety article for more information on this.

Keeping both your business and your home secure

We also shared plenty of tips last year about how to keep your home and business secure. There are a range of security measures you can implement with security grilles being a cost-effective option proven to deter thieves. With dark nights and mornings presenting opportunists the ideal setting for burglary, it’s important for you to stay safe and secure to avoid the consequences. Read our full article for more tips and to see a helpful infographic that can be applied to both domestic and commercial security.

Weighing up the best security option

Security grilles and security shutters are two popular options for access point security, but which is the best?

Although security shutters are more widely recognised, especially by shops, we believe people could be losing out by selecting this option without weighing up the pros and cons. Security shutters are high maintenance and can be costly when electrical components malfunction or require replacement. In addition, they are dowdy in appearance, and don’t allow free flow of light and ventilation. They are also not the best choice if you don’t want to deter window shoppers.

On the other hand, security grilles facilitate window shopping, while delivering the same level of security (with certified options available for even stronger security). In addition, security grilles have no electrical components, making them low maintenance. These secure grilles also have better aesthetics and can be manufactured in a variety of colours to suit. Read more about choosing the best security solution for you.

Launch of our dedicated security grilles website

As you can see, this post is not on the main Cross-Guard website, it’s actually hosted on the dedicated grilles sub-domain we created: grilles.cross-guard.com. We’re proud to have launched the dedicated security grille sub-site last year, alongside a direct telephone number and email for our security grilles trade clients. We invite you to take a look around (if you haven’t already), and we hope you find the information on here useful.  


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