Cross-Guard helps out charity following break-in

During the current times, it’s important to support one another, and to support fellow businesses. We’re all in this difficult situation together, and a small gesture can really make a difference. This is why Cross-Guard assisted a local charity, following a break-in during the night. Full details of the case study are contained within this article.

HELP the Mental Health Charity: an overview of the situation

When the team at Cross-Guard learned of a distressing break-in that happened at ‘HELP the Mental Health Charity’ stores, which are based in Scunthorpe and local to Cross-Guard’s head office, they were keen to assist in whatever way they could. This charity performs excellent work, delivering support to those affected by mental illness and their families. Currently, mental health charities face pressing times, as the coronavirus contributes to increased seclusion and unemployment, meaning more individuals require help.

Fortunately, the break-in that occurred only resulted in a minor amount of cash stolen, but the charity also had to account for costs incurred due to the forced entry. It’s saddening to think that a charity focussing on helping improve the lives of others should become a target for theft, especially since those working for the charity do so on a volunteer basis. The immediate solution in this case was to add extra layers of security, such as security grilles, to prevent re-occurrence.

Solution: Cross-Guard personally installed security grilles

Cross-Guard wanted to ensure a cost-effective solution for the charity and so took ownership of the situation and personally completed the actual installation of security grilles at no cost. These security grilles were installed at the two sites that had been broken into – 2 bi-parting CX2 security grilles installed in Scunthorpe town centre, and 1 swivel return CX2 security grille in Ashby. The security grilles were powder-coated black to make them blend with the surrounding area, while also serving as a noticeable deterrent to thieves.

CX2 swivel return security grille
Swivel return CX2 security grille in Ashby
CX2 bi-parting security grille
Bi-parting CX2 security grille in town centre

A Cross-Guard employee said: “We’re glad to have been able to provide support to such an important charity. It’s awful for any business that falls victim to theft, but even worse to think that a charity, providing volunteer-led support out of kindness, should suffer at the hands of thieves.

“During these dark nights, there’s usually a rise in burglary of homes and commercial premises. We need to stand together to stop this happening, and the way to do this is to make it as hard as possible for thieves to gain access to a property.

“That’s where our security grilles come in. The CX2 is our best-seller and a common choice to provide a strong barrier and visual deterrent. We hope that HELP the Mental Health Charity feel safer now they have our CX2 grilles installed and that it gives them peace of mind after such an unsettling event.”

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