How to improve your home security

Home security is a way to protect your home and family from harm. It can come in the form of a simple lock on your door, or the latest and greatest surveillance system. No matter what you choose, security is important to keep your family safe. Here are some easy and practical steps to help keep burglars at bay.

Install security grilles and bars

Cross-Guard’s extensive range of security grilles and bars are effective physical barriers and theft deterrents that can be installed in windows, doorways and a variety of other openings. Contrary to popular belief, a high percentage of thieves will break into a building through front entrances if sufficient security is not in place. Our retractable grilles are not only a visual deterrent, but they will also increase the time and effort needed to break in stopping burglars in their tracks.

Get an alarm and security lights

The average burglar takes less than a minute to break into your home and usually spends this time assessing whether your house is a good target. According to police, most burglars avoid homes with visible home security systems, especially when these attract considerable attention.

Have a neighbour park their car on your drive when on holiday

Giving the impression of someone being at home is a great way to keep thieves at bay, alternatively, you can also put lights, radios and televisions on a timer switch, so they’ll turn on and off during your time away.

Put away your garden tools

In most break-ins, the double glazing is smashed by thieves with tools left out by their owners. The same goes for any building equipment, keeping these things out of reach gives burglars fewer tools to help break into your home.
Ramp up your back garden security Make access to your rear garden much more difficult, by adding a padlock to your side gate, put a trellis on the top of your fence, add prickly bushes around fences and watch where you put your wheelie bin- they’re great hop-ups for burglars to get over a gate.

Don’t leave your keys out

Don’t leave your keys in the lock or hanging on a hook near the letterbox or what you might think is a safe hiding place outside. A key safe could help, especially for vulnerable people who might need to let carers or other people have access to their homes.

Keep your door and windows locked

You should make sure that all downstairs or easily accessible windows and doors have working locks. And do not forget to lock up, even when you’re just in the back garden. These steps will help you keep peace of mind when enjoying your home.

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